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The Tangokombinat unites a group of friends with very different backgrounds. Although music or dance had always been a part of our lives, none of us would have imagined to become a Tango teacher, a DJ or Tango-organizer.
But somehow, it happened: We discovered this new world in our home region and nowadays we travel far to promote, teach, study and live social tango. Some of us have traveled to Buenos Aires, where we danced with and for the Milongueros.
Some of us make their living as professional teachers, djs and organisers, but all of us are social dancers and happy to visit Milongas and events to dance in the ronda.

The international team:
Andreas Wichter, Teacher & DJ (D/F)
• Anne-Cécile Dubois,Teacher (F)
Melina Sedó, Teacher & DJ (D)
Detlef Engel, Teacher (D)
• Uwe Willié, DJ (D)
Lynn Collins, DJ (UK/F)
Thorsten Janes, official photographer (D)

The Saarbrücken team:
• Judith Gehr
• Barbara Brodt
• Ina Wagner
• Tabea Gehr
• Gitana Tamajeva
Our team members are hosting or dj-ing at local Milongas, assisting in Detlef + Melina's local classes, leading practicas and helping at events.

Former Tangokombinat members:
• Sylvia Menzdorf & Jürgen Wyludda, Viento Norte (D)
• Damian Lobato (Argentina/USA)