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Detlef & Melina @ Tangokombinat
Nach fast 18 Jahren internationaler Lehrtätigkeit, haben sich die beiden entschieden, endlich auch regelmäßigen Unterricht in Saarbrücken anzubieten. Informationen hier.
Après presque 18 ans d'einseignement sur la scène internationale, les deux ont decidés de finalement proposer des cours (d'une façon regulière à Sarrebruck. Plus d'infos içi.
After working internationally for almost 18 years, the two have decided to finally offer regular classes in Saarbruecken. More info here.

Next Minilongas @ Tangokombinat Studio
March 23 (DJ Melina Sedó)
April 27 (DJ Melina Sedó)
May 18
June 29 (DJ Uwe Willié)

Pequeña - Festivalito Milonguero
We are looking forward to the 4th edition of Pequeña, our Festivalito for experienced milongueros as well as newcomers. For everyone who loves dancing in a close embrace and fiendly ronda. All infos here.

Tangokombinat UK has moved to France
Because of the impending Brexit, our UK-section has now moved to Burgundy in France. Andreas and Lynn will continue traveling as dancers and djs and are curerently preparing new projects for the future. Who knows, there might even be an Abrazos-revival!